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Beautiful Bedroom Design of Modern Accentuation

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Bedroom is the room where some people spend most of their time. This is especially true when the bedroom accommodates furniture like a study table, but overall a table is the place where people want the most comfort. Therefore it is really important to come up with the suitable bedroom design. As trend dictates, modern style of design is currently the hottest style and apparently it will remain so for quite some times in the future. This is due to the minimalist feature and the luxurious elegance that most modern bedrooms exert. However, designing a modern bedroom is by no mean an easy thing.

Reference of Great Bedroom Design from Freshome

The easiest shortcut to go through in coming up with a good way to design anything is by finding references. In this regard, Freshome site as an architecture works display site offers a lot of minimalist bedroom design that can be used as reference. One of which is a bedroom with clean arrangement that makes it excellent in the aspect of being minimalist.

The bedroom starts off with white and clean basic layout as the design foundation. The wall, the ceiling, and the floor are all colored with white colors. Apart from the marble tiles covered floor, the ceiling and the wall are constructed using concrete. After setting the clean look as foundation, the bedroom implements a bedroom set of minimalist look. This includes the bed whose framework is made of black wood and applies a sheet of creamy orange color. To make the room more appealing, a carpet of the same orange color but of furry material is covering some portion of the floor.

Additional Feature Options for Bedroom Design

Apart from the basic layout and the primary furnishing items, any rooms can always use decorative items. There is a wide range of option in decorating a bedroom. One could use a set of sculptures, a couple of paintings, and even lights to accentuate the color scheme. In the case of the modern bedroom design presented by Freshome, the lighting is the main point of concern in decoration. The room displays a big lighting in shape of a ball besides the bed. The light coming out of it is of white color that makes the bedroom even brighter.

10 Photos of the Beautiful Bedroom Design of Modern Accentuation