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Beautiful Exotic Bedroom of Minimalist Concept

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Sometimes we demand more than just good look. This is also the case when people want to come up with ideas of design that accommodate not only elegant appearance, but also exotic touch. Freshome—a site that showcases many works of architecture on display, presents the perfect example of an exotic bedroom to be used as inspiration for people who wants exotic touch to fill their bedrooms.

Minimalist Concept of the Exotic Bedroom

Apart from being exotic, the bedroom also comprises the concept of being minimalist. This makes the result of the design presented in Freshome to resemble the style of modern bedrooms. This minimalist concept is the result of implementing a clean look of bright colors as its primary color scheme. The floor of the room as its basic foundation is made of marble of bright grey color with grain texture. The bed as the centerpiece of the exotic bedroom furniture does not occupy one side of the bedroom corner. Instead it is put in the middle of the bedroom, as one additional segmenting wall is positioned to divide the bedroom into two sections.

The color of the concrete wall overall is white. The exception is the central wall where the bed is positioned next to, this piece of wall features creamy color and the surface of the wall is covered with polished woods. The main attraction of the bedroom is the bed. The bed is a regular queen sized bed of white sheets. The details of its design are what making it look exotic. Firstly, the framework of the bed features a fluffy platform on the head of the bed that resembles animal fur. The sheet of the bed is also one that features motive of zebra skin.

Other Details of the Exotic Bedroom

Apart from the mentioned details, the exotic bedroom design still features other complementary details. To mention a few is the implementation of wide frames of glass window on one side of the wall. Also decorative elements like painting of an animal’s scratch and tiny sculptures accentuate the exotic atmosphere of the bedroom even more.

10 Photos of the Beautiful Exotic Bedroom of Minimalist Concept