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Black Sofas and Its Kinds

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My mother is a black sofas collector. I do not know why she really attracted to the black couch and combine it in a room that actually not really needs a sofa there. My mother have a sofa that come in various look from the minimalist, modern, classic, vintage, Victorian, Italian, Asian, to the conventional sofa that we usually own in a house and all of them is come in black. She also collect the material that cover the sofa like the vinyl, velvet, silk, leather, canvas, to the unusual fur fabric sofa from French that she bought it last year.

Black Sofa Minimalist Look Wooden Floor Yellow Wall

She is a consequence black couch collector. She always clean and treat the sofa well. She knows how to treat every sofa that she have. She do really knows how to make it still puffy and how to make it still like new even though it is years been through. She also has the small vacuum cleaner that she bought especially for her velvet and fur sofa. Then she also has the leather cleaning kit for the leather one. Not only the cleaning kit, but she also has the polish leather for it.

The Conventional Sofa

Then my mother divided the collection into two categories such as the conventional and the unusual sofa. The conventional sofa is consisting of the cotton and canvas fabric sofas that come in modern, minimalist and vintage look. Then she usually treats the sofa with the usual cleaning kit that she has. Season the seats to make it still puffy and brush the fabric gently to make it still like new until now, even though it is years been through.

The Unusual Sofa

Her unusual Sofa is the sofas that come in an unusual fabric like velvet, suede, leather and fur. Why she called it as the unusual? It is because the treatment of the sofa also different. She has more than three foams, brush and cleaning kit for the cleaning kit each of it. Then she put them in a room that make us will never tend to sit there to keep her sofa still like new until now.

12 Photos of the Black Sofas and Its Kinds