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Blue and white bathroom accessories

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A bathroom with blue and white bathroom accessories is a fine choice if you want a pristine bathing experience. Blue and white bathroom accessories lend a classic look to a bathroom and also look neat and clean. Of course, there is also the fact that blue and white bathroom accessories are a popular choice for many people because they can be matched with almost every shade of colour so the existing wall paper or paint of the bathroom will not affect its inclusion into the decor.

How should you decorate your bathroom in blue and white without going over the top? Blue and white bathroom accessories have to be chosen carefully so that your bathroom does not end up looking as though it has a mundane colour scheme. Using the same shade and tone of blue with white can be extremely boring and one should ideally make a choice of different tones of blue – jewel tones are beautiful – and pair them with cream, off white and white for a beautiful and sophisticated look. What is the first thing that comes into mind when we pair blue and white for a bathroom ( or anything for that matter)? Of course – water – the sea! A nautical theme is a great choice if you want blue and white bathroom accessories. If possible, paint one wall of your bathroom with blue and white stripes or patterns and this will go very well with the other accessories.

Shower curtains, bath mats, toilet seat covers and towels can be white – this lends an exaggerated sense of space to the room – bathrooms are generally small, especially in the modern context where space is a big issue for those living in apartments and studios. The other smaller accessories such as soap dispensers, soap dishes, brush holders, tissue boxes and such like can be in different shades of blue – either in a matching pattern, or in a mixed and matched kitschy manner.  You can have them all in solid colours – in different shades of blue, or you can have different patterns in the same shade. These will be  a pop of bright colour in a white bathroom and the contrast will be amazing.

Ceramic and porcelain as well as glass are good options if you want a blue and white themed bathroom – metals don’t quite go. Choose blue and white tiles in tiny squares or have a white or cream wall with a border of blue and white tiles to accentuate the contrast. A white bathroom sink with a blue and white patterned tiled background will also be a striking way to decorate your bathroom. A blue and white colour scheme will be very soothing when you bathe or groom. Look online for matched sets of blue and white bathroom accessories or collect different ones from hardware or home stores. Blue and white pottery designs are also popular styles to choose from.

Go ahead, invest in a blue and white themed decor for your bathroom, the accessories for this is very easy to come by, not to mention budget friendly.


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