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Bookshelf Designs in My Niece’s Apartment

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My niece placed several bookshelf designs in her apartment. She wanted to place her favorite books there. I know her hobby since she was in elementary school. Her mother often buys a book for her since she was child. Moreover, her mother introduced the books since my niece has not even attended a school. The books are already the part of her life actually. She wanted to keep the part beside her. Thus, she treats the books precisely for keeping its best condition.

Bookshelf Designs Branch Tree Shelves in Brown and Black

Where to Place the Bookshelves

My niece placed the bookshelves around her apartment. She wanted to keep her favorite books there. She lives in the same city with me. Hence, she often calls me. When she called me that time, she wanted to know my opinion about her new bookshelves. She placed the bookshelves in the living room, the television room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and other parts of the house even hanging the shelves on the wall. She just used the wooden board and nailed them to the wall. I think that the idea is very brilliant.

What Designs to be placed in the Apartment

My niece applied various designs of the bookshelves in her apartment. Of course, the designs are the other art than the wooden board nailed on the wall. I saw the bookworm bookshelves in her living room when I visited her. The bookworm has orange and green colors in it. Moreover, my niece placed the black square bookshelves in the television room. She placed it near to the wall. Then, she applied the black cube bookshelves near the grey rug. Hence, she could get to relax and cozy atmosphere for reading.

Furthermore, I have ever entered my niece’s bedroom. She placed the unique branch bookshelves. She placed two colors of the branch bookshelves. They are black and brown. She then placed the letter bookshelves. She placed the letters R, E, A, and D. It is read as the word ‘Read’. More than that, she has the philosophy for the word. She wants to remind herself to read the books as many as she can. However, I could get the bookshelf inspiration from her apartment.

12 Photos of the Bookshelf Designs in My Niece’s Apartment