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How To Make a Quick Brick Fireplace Makeover

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If you are looking to give your fireplace a new look, you will find the brick fireplace makeover tips listed here very handy. A brick fireplace is almost a piece of art and looks beautiful in your living room. If you are lucky enough to live in a house that has one, you can do a lot to enhance the fireplace’s beauty. From adding colors, to installing lights, the brick fireplace can be made to look absolutely stunning. Read on to what exactly you can do.

DIY Brick Fireplace Makeover

  • Paint – You can use paints to give your fireplace a brand new look. A popular shade to color a brick fireplace is white. White is used very commonly to paint fireplaces all over the world. White makes it look elegant and classy. If you do not want to go with white, you can opt for a burnt red shade as well. This will make the fireplace look earthy and also give it a warm feel. So pick out a shade you like and paint the brick fireplace and get wondered by the instant makeover.

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  • Proper lighting – Lights can go a long way in helping you pull off a brick fireplace makeover. Lights, when installed properly, can make your fireplace and the area around it look absolutely gorgeous. So go ahead and have some lights installed – you can get some recessed lights, standing lamp shades next to the fireplace, and any other kind of light that you like. Light it up and beautify it instantly.

  • Bookshelf – There is something immensely romantic about a bookshelf near a fireplace. So you can also install a bookshelf next to your fireplace and have an absolutely stunning display in your living room. If there is place on the wall, have some racks installed and place your books on them. Alternatively, you can buy an open book shelf and make it stand next to the fireplace. This will give your room a very intellectual, classy and warm look, something that you and your guests would love!

  • Showcase – Another great tip for a brick fireplace makeover is to build a wall mounted showcase all around your fireplace. Integrate the showcase with the wall and display your mementos and souvenirs on it. You can also place photo frames, flower vases and small potted plants on the display cabinet. This small, yet very useful addition to your room will give it an elegant look overall.

  • Windows – Another great tip to beautify your brick fireplace is to add windows to it. Call a carpenter and have a couple of foldable wooden windows covering the fireplace, installed. You can keep the windows closed when the fireplace is not in use. This will keep it clean and will also add a dash of beauty to the entire area.

Using the brick fireplace makeover ideas

Now that you know exactly what you must do to give your brick fireplace a quick and simple makeover, go right ahead and get the job done. You can do it yourself with the help of your family and friends or hire professional workers to get the job done. Just remember to have a solid design plan in place before you begin the project as this will help you in maintain a budget and also sticking to the time deadline. It is a lot of fun to give your brick fireplace a makeover and so you should start the project as soon as possible. Keep the above mentioned brick fireplace makeover tips in mind and get set to have a new and absolutely wonderful brick fireplace.


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