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Brilliant Modern Luxurious Villas in God Island

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Bali always be the most wanted tourist object in the world, there are so many modern luxurious villas in here as a place to stay. Bali is the second island after Hawaii that has a good beach and white beach sands. The majority Balinese uses Hindu as their religion, there are many God that known in the Hindu believe. In bahasa they called Bali as the Pulau Dewata; in English it means the Island of many Gods. Siva, Ganesh, and Wishnu are some of the Gods that known in the Hindu believe. The culture also is an interesting factors to interested many tourists from many countries.

Modern Luxurious Villas in Exotic Place

Look at this villa picture in Bali Island; this is place that you needed to spend your summer holiday. The Casa Hannah is a great luxurious villa design with luxury modern furniture as the ornament of the interior design of the villa. This is the exclusive villa for you executive person who need a great place and fascinating villa interior design to give you best quality in your holiday time. It is located at the Seminyak, the trendiest district in Bali. This district is not really close from sea, that is why this villa build to have a great facilities and luxury home ideas you ever had.

It is two floor villas with pretty large yard outside of the house. I little bit feel awkward when I thought that this villa consist from two different house building that divide by the square long outdoor swimming pool. It has two living rooms, one inside in the spacious indoor living room and the other outside with open living room ideas that have swimming pool and yard scene on it. I think the yard is the best part of this villa to get relax and enjoying the natural environment of the villa. It makes me feel fresh and cool to enjoy this villa.

h3>Modern Luxurious Villas with Natural Scheme

Bali is one of the complete Islands like Hawaii; some people said that Bali is the Indonesian Hawaii. Bali has a lot of beaches and white sand beach. Not only beach, Bali also has mountain topography in the middle of the island. There is also a lake named Bedugul Lake, it also have a great scene and fresh shade in the lake. But this villa is close to the lake but not in the lake area, so it surrounded by many tree and plants. It is a great villa with quite nuance and calm shade. It is suit for you to have your relaxing time in villa that has design like luxury contemporary homes.

17 Photos of the Brilliant Modern Luxurious Villas in God Island