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Brilliant Twin House Design in Big Size

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There are some of home ideas that can inspire you to make your own home design, the twin house design is an unique design for a home that can be a good influence for you. The twin contemporary home shared identical material and design. It will looks great if you have twin design for your house, this design is really suite for a big house area. It needs a lot of space and area to make a twin design in your lovely house. It is also will make a little bit unusual perspective outside the house.

Twin House Design with Rustic Exterior Design

From this pictures I can see perfectly clear that this house have a wooden wall cover outside of the house, it gives a rustic shade in the exterior design of the house. This twin home design can not seen from the outside part of the house, it think we should to take a look at the interior design of the home. I hope that we can have any inspirations to make our twin design for our home. We can see it from the rustic exterior design of the house, but I think it is a good combination from the rustic exterior design and the environment shade around the house.

If we see closely for the exterior design, it is not just wooden exterior design, the other side of the house show their brick wall ideas to bring natural shade in the exterior home design. I can find any rustic wooden material for the interior design, it is rustic interior design with wooden floor and furniture. The walls use a white wall and the small parts keeping the natural color and brick wall looks to give a natural shade in the interior home ideas. It is an open space interior ideas with less divider for the room.

Twin House Design with Natural Shade

The combination of the white wall color and the rustic wooden floor make a natural and calm shade in this interior design. There are no brighter color in this interior home design. The kitchen use white color in every parts of the kitchen. The kitchen set, kitchen cabinets, shelves all of them in the white clean color. The spacious site offered to organize and form the house easily, it is good interior design of houses.

22 Photos of the Brilliant Twin House Design in Big Size