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Bring the Ocean in with Lighthouse Bathroom Décor

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Using lighthouse bathroom décor is one of the easiest way to create a beach themed interior in the bathroom. Using elements that are related to water can really help make the bathroom a more comfortable and relaxing place. Seeing things that remind you of the calm and relaxation you experience when on a vacation in the beach can really help ease your mind.

A lighthouse is a tower designed to emit light from lamps and lenses to help in navigating at sea or on inland waterways. We have more sophisticated ways of doing that today but the charm of lighthouses has not faded. It’s nostalgic and reminiscent of a simple and beautiful environment when we see lighthouses. Lighthouses usually mark the dangerous coastlines, the hazardous shoals or reefs or the safe entries to harbors. While the number of lighthouses has declined over the past years due to expensive maintenance costs, it’s a nautical artifact worth bringing into attention.

lighthouse bathroom decor

Using lighthouse bathroom décor and other nautical home decors

The thrill embedded deep in our subconscious about how excited we were about the sea-faring life is what makes lighthouses and other nautical themes very interesting. So aside from using a lighthouse design in the bathroom accessories, why not broaden the theme and incorporate it into other room interiors.

Using handcrafted nautical ships is the most common and preferred choice of a lot of homeowners. Using it as a display in shelves or on the wall can become a focal point and an immediate conversation starter. Replicas of famous ships like Titanic or USS Constitution will definitely be an eye-candy in the living room. But there are a lot of other designs for cruise ship models, pirate ships and ships in the bottle that will surely be a visual treat for you and your guests.

Using a nautical ship anchor is another way to bring in the theme. It signifies hope and steadfastness but basically, it represents nautical life globally. You can display it on walls, or headboards and even as a door knocker. Using pillow covers or other fabrics with ship designs is also a good way or going for a blue and white color palette in the interior can create a nautical theme. There are a lot of ways to incorporate a nautical theme in the house interior and not just by using lighthouse bathroom décor.

3 Photos of the Bring the Ocean in with Lighthouse Bathroom Décor

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