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Classic Boutique Hotel in Italy’s Sicily

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Resorts and hotel business is the kind of business worth taking risk, especially having a boutique hotel. Some friend of mine who happened to manage a hotel in Italy’s Sicily had an idea to change an old house to a classic look hotel with Victorian style. It was actually an old house, used to be a monastery and a wine house, then my friend and his colleagues decided to buy the place and he began decorating it, along with his wife too. The place is amazing with green pastures outside of the house ranges for 40 acres.

Amazing Boutique Hotel in Sicily

My friend found the design of the house intriguing, that is why he decided to get it and polished it so that it will attract guests and visitors. The idea of having an artistic boutique hotel is not just to invite people to stay over there, but also to invite people celebrating their important moments there because the hotel also rent a place to hold a ball or masquerade ball if you fancy such occasion. In my opinion the hotel indeed invites people to stay and to spend some times there because of its classic and majestic style of exterior as well as interior.

One day I told my friend I would like to visit his hotel and he gladly invited me to stay over a night. He and his wife took me for a walk around the outside part of the hotel. They showed me green pasture and took me to ride a horse. There is an alleyway outside rooms and I can stare directly outside, seeing tall green trees with mountainous view. I could feel its Victorian era atmosphere when I entered my room where I would spend the night. It has stony wall and some classic furniture, but still has some hints of modern designs. It has some modernity shown in simplistic designs of bed, bathtub, and some other major decorations inside.

Stay in Classic Boutique Hotel in Sicily

If you happen to spend a vacation in Italy, you should look for this hotel. It is located in Sicily and you will not be disappointed by its designs. You will love the features that the hotel has. It offers you new experience in staying in a public inn, where you are displayed the mixture of classic Victorian era style of a house with modernity shown from house’s interior design. Such place like artistic boutique hotel in Italy is too tempting to miss.

22 Photos of the Classic Boutique Hotel in Italy’s Sicily