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Classic Country Style Bedrooms with Wooden Material

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When I visited a new house, I found a Country Style Bedrooms decoration. Exactly, that new house is my father’s. He built a new house to get another interior design that he thinks it can be very suitable for him. It is right that my father loves country interior design. Therefore, it is very reasonable he build his new house which is equipped with a unique and classic bedroom design in country decoration. At the first time I visited his house, I found many interesting thing in his living room. However, I was so curious about the bedroom design.

Country Style Bedrooms with Wooden Furnishings

When I enter his house, there is a great interior design. As the master bedroom, my father decorated it very well. There are many wooden furnishings are installed in his master bedroom. Like what you see in the picture, there is a large bed and the bed itself was made from the wooden material. That wooden bed in the Country Style Bedrooms Designs gives his bedroom a new atmosphere of a classic decoration. There is one more interesting in his classic bedroom design. That is the existence of carpet. I think the usage of carpet in his master bedroom can be something interesting because the carpet dos not fill the entire bedroom space.

However, the caret only covers several parts of the floor space in his bedroom. The carpet also has a pink color. That pink color matches with the color of the bedcover in his bed. The bedcover in his bed is in pink as well. Besides that, there are also several furnishing which is designed in a classic design. I remember there are about three shelving units in his master bedroom in country decoration. On the second floor of his house, there are also a great bedroom design that I think it has a country decoration as well.

Unique Lampshade in Country Style Bedrooms

In that bedroom design, the wooden martial of the furnishings is more spotted. It is caused by they are in brown color. It is like its natural color. It is a great bedroom design. On the left side of the headboard, I found there is a classic lamp design. That lamp is also equipped with the classic lampshade. On the right side of Country Master Bedrooms Designs, I saw there is a storage unit.

8 Photos of the Classic Country Style Bedrooms with Wooden Material