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Classy Home Design Decorated with Precious Furniture in White Color

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I am invited by my old friend who wants to celebrate his anniversary. I never expect that he is able to build large house which is regarded as luxurious house. Home design is created in futuristic architecture. He and I get in touch in a living room which looks elegant in cream color. This room is furnished with grey leather sofa in contemporary style. There is grey leather woolsack put next to this modern sofa. This sofa is furnished with floral print sofa cushions. Under this sofa set, there is round coffee table crafted of dark metal. It is unusual coffee table with complicated design. Under this coffee table, he serves two glasses of drinks on wooden base layer.

Luxurious Home Design

In my view this modern Home Design provides wide visualization because he can arrange furniture applied in this house well. He says that he do not use much furniture which is not necessary to be applied to save space. In addition, great glass wall makes this house looks brighter because of sunlight enlighten this house through glass wall. Modern ceiling lights spread soft lighting effect over room. This living room sticks out modern concept. Next to modern sofa in grey color, I see contemporary wall TV setup. Contemporary side board in grey and black color is utilized to place glossy ornament.

Hidden light over this living space creates splendid visualization. White drapes conceal glass window in this luxurious house. Behind sofa, I see a drum sectional floor lamp wrapped in white lamp shade. There is artistic wall mural adhered on wall in dark frame. Fake flowers look pretty to embellish this living space. From here I can see another living space likewise kitchen and dining room.

Bright White Themed Home Design

Kitchen appliances applied in kitchen looks glossy in contemporary style. White kitchen cabinet looks classy. Under kitchen cabinet there is shiny kitchen backsplash light. Kitchen drawers, kitchen island and kitchen countertop are polished in white color. Ceiling lights over this room looks precious. Wall mounted dining table in white color. This white wall mounted dining table is adjusted with white pendant lamp in unusual shape. Black barstools are set in front of this dining table. Over this entire modern Home Design interior looks classy.

11 Photos of the Classy Home Design Decorated with Precious Furniture in White Color