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Colorful Modern Wallpaper as Inspirational Choice to Decorate Your House

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I think I have got good reference to decorate my house since I can adopt style of decoration from my aunt’s suggestion. Her house has precious decoration. All beadboard inside of her house is adorned with modern wallpaper. In living room there is elegant red wallpaper that represents toughness and bravery. It can be adjusted with luxurious ornaments like glazed pots. Besides, classy table lamp in gold color matches with this elegant wallpaper. Table lamps and glossy ornaments are placed on white sideboard. I also see classic style of wallpaper in dining room representing softness with its cream color. Glossy gold pendant lamps hang on ceiling. Dark dining table with black side chairs surrounding seems contrast with classic pattern of wallpaper. On this dining table there are several glossy table tops.

Stylish Living Space with Modern Wallpaper

I come into another living space that is adorned with red wallpaper. This wallpaper has circle pattern. Another beadboard is laced with abstract design of wallpaper. Crystal chandelier in modern style illuminates this room so this wallpaper looks more impressive. Tufted wing chair in red color is placed in this room. I am interested in gold coffee table that is crafted like human head. Candle holders adhered on the wall have gold color like this table. Then I move to next living space which has unique modern wallpaper.

Finally I see inspiring wallpaper on one side of beadboard. This wallpaper has design like a collection of leaves arranged neatly. Long white dining table is accompanied with modern acrylic chairs. Silver table lamp is placed on this white table. I also see fruit bowl made of stainless steel matches with silver pendant lamp. Glass bay window concealed by venetian blind make this room bright. In addition stylish wallpaper becomes more glaring.

Yellow Modern Wallpaper for Cheerfulness

But when I come into workroom I see stripes pattern of wallpaper adhered on wall. White wallpaper with brown stripes represents contemporary house decoration. to create relevant color, my aunt fixes white wall racks functioning to store her book collection. But in her bedroom there is floral pattern of wallpaper on one side of beadboard. Another side is decorated with stripes pattern. Both of these unique modern wallpaper designs are polished in yellow.

11 Photos of the Colorful Modern Wallpaper as Inspirational Choice to Decorate Your House