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Cool Country Kitchens Combined with Italians Ideas for Stylish Kitchen

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I accompany my sister to visit her parent in law. Surely, she has promised to them to cook some special menus to prove that she is able to be good housewife. When we arrive at this house, I am surprised of rustic house design that keeps elegant. Her parent in law is agreeable to us and they gladly welcome us. My sister straight comes along kitchen designed in country style. I just follow her how she prepares to cook special menu. This is most fascinating kitchen among other Country Kitchens that I have seen. This kitchen is furnished with a lot of kitchen furniture in country style.

Grey Themed Country Kitchens

There is kitchen cabinet which is polished in grey color. This kitchen cabinet is combined with glass material so I can see what are stored inside. There are many precious glassware and pottery stored in this country kitchen cabinet. Under this kitchen cabinet, I find wall bar in grey color. This wall bar functions to place glossy pottery likewise, plates, teapots, etc. I am impressed of unique kitchen backsplash fitted in this kitchen. Pattern of this kitchen backsplash is like chessboard which is painted in black and white. It is one of unique and rustic design of Country Kitchens.

Kitchen island is polished in grey color too. This kitchen island is layered with lacquered wood on its surface. Stainless steel and some rattan kitchenware are applied on this kitchen island. Country style of kitchen drawer is polished in grey color. Rustic table lamp with metallic lamp shade hangs on ceiling. There is white dining table with cream ant chairs surrounding. On this table I see small teapot and ceramic cup. Kitchen appliances including modern stove and range hood is crafted of stainless steel.

Country Kitchens with Italians Design

Then, my sister takes me into her sister I low whose house design seems like previous one. In this house I can see kitchen sticking put country style. Kitchen furniture applied here is polished in grey color. Kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, kitchen drawer are decorated in country style with a little touch of Italian flair. Kitchen backsplash is designed with rhombus tile. Some wall bars in grey color are utilized as place to store pottery and glassware. Classic chandelier hangs on ceiling. Dining set applied here is designed country style too. All design of Country Kitchens with Italian tone is inspiring kitchen design.

24 Photos of the Cool Country Kitchens Combined with Italians Ideas for Stylish Kitchen