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Cool Modern Kids Room in Various Themes Adjusted with Preference

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I visit my sister’s house which is built in large size. There are many living spaces available in this large house. Therefore i decide to look around each living space inside. First i get into modern kids room as a place that allows her son sleeps. Over beadboards in this room is painted in white color. I think white color is intentionally chosen in order to give bright sensation. Beadboard is decorated with line textured. On this beadboard I find cute car wall sticker. White divan placed in this room is crafted of wood with high gloss finish. Bed on this divan is covered by fascinating pattern of quilt. Those patterns are similar to pattern of pillow cases.

Same Pattern of Furniture and Decoration in Modern Kids Room

On wall there is impressive wall decoration. I am interested in white book rack in unusual design. A white chair is set next to white divan to place bag, nightlight and clock. White windows is crafted in old style that tends to be simpler let sunlight brighten this kids room maximally. Unique texture and design of floor is compatible with bright concept of room. Puff which is polished with same pattern as bedsheet and quilt is placed under bed. It feels so cushy. A large bag on the floor is used as container to store toys. This modern kids room design arouse peaceful sense.

Interesting Themes of Modern Kids Room

When I get into another kids room, I see feminine theme dominate of kids room. This kids room has pink color functioning as feminine accent. Pink bed cover conceals bed in grey color. Pattern in bed cover is same as pattern in pillow cases. Round puff is polished with same pattern too. On wall I see wall decoration which is painted in pink. Bed frame is polished in white color and so is desk. This desk is supplied with bookcase. I see round container in floral pattern wrapping. There are many dolls placed in this room as cute decoration.

Last kids room that I see is kids room which is decorated by bringing out natural concept. This natural concept is represented by forest print upholstery and ornaments. Unique bed divan made of wood is covered by bed cover designed with forest theme. On wall I see tree wall sticker. There is tend that can be utilized as favorite place for children to play. Puff is wrapped in forest print too. Small wardrobe is set in corner which is made of lacquered wood. Inspiring modern kids room design in my sister’s house makes me obtain new ideas to decorate my kids room.

8 Photos of the Cool Modern Kids Room in Various Themes Adjusted with Preference