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DIY Spiral Staircase Tips and Ideas

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DIY spiral staircase kits are widely available for do-it-yourselfers. It’s a lot cheaper to buy these kits rather than have a professional make the stairs. Spiral staircases are used for small spaces. Because of its design, it occupies less space making it suitable for small house or apartments. Other homeowners opt for spiral stairs because of its beautiful appearance. Whether you’re choosing a spiral staircase for its beauty or for its space-saving style, here’s how to install your own spiral staircase at home.

Steps for DIY spiral staircase

  1. Choose a location for the staircase. Take into consideration the space it will occupy. You’ll have to add a few inches to make sure there’ll be enough moving space as well. Once you’ve chosen the location for your stairs, start by putting a pre-poured concrete slab where the base of the stairs will be installed. Also, build a wooden template of the upper deck platform. Determine where the pole will land at the bottom. Put a plumb line to ensure an accurate calculation on where the plate base will go.
  2. When you’ve got the plumb line determined, install the pole. Trace a circle around the base plate that you put on top the concrete slab. Mark the spot where the holes for the lag bolts will be. Drill pilot holes and then measure again to make sure you’ve got the right positioning. Once you’re sure, insert plastic anchors into the holes and lock the lag bolts into place. This will secure the base plate. Once it’s secure, slide the pole into place. You might need to hammer it into place to make it more secure.
  3. DIY kits make it easy to slide the risers. Slide each riser onto the pole. To make sure you maintain balance and weight, alternate each step from side to side. Once you’ve got all the steps on the pole, you can slide the upper deck platform into place. Level the plate on all side and then bolt it to the joints under the deck. Determine the rise measurement, divide it by the number of steps then choose where each riser will be installed. Make necessary markings to ensure proper installation. Bolt each riser into place and tighten.
  4. Attach the handrails. Depending on the kit you have, there are usually three spindles added for each step. So make sure to read the instructions from your DIY spiral staircase kit.


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