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Extraordinary Japanese Home Combined with Contemporary House Flair

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I come into my client’s house which is located in suburb. Her house is designed like Japanese home. Although it is designed in Japanese style, interior designed does not bring out this style entirely. In my view interior design of this house seems like another modern house. When I get inside, I find open plan living space which looks so wide and bright because all of beadboards are painted in white. Glass wall is applied in this room and sunlight in much intensity come into this house to illuminate interior maximally.

Interior Design of Japanese Home

I wonder how she creates Japanese home interior in this way. I think it is inspirational design to arrange house with cool interior. Laminate flooring tends to be natural aspect that brings out warm view toward everyone staying here. Interior design of this house brings out brightness and open plan living space. Glass door and glass bay window enables me to see scenery outside. I sit on beanbag sofa in light green color. This sofa is supplied with green sofa cushions. Rectangular coffee table is set in front of sofa and it is crafted of lacquered wood.

I can watch TV in this living space because there is simple TV setup on white sideboard. Not only TV but also futuristic souvenirs lay on this sideboard. Artistic wall mural and indoor plants are placed next to sideboard. There is modern stairs in white with metallic banister that is regarded to be more durable and tough.

Rustic Wood Furniture in Japanese Home

My client takes me into dining room which is dominated with wooden furniture. Of course it is intended to bring out Japanese ideas that she applies. This rectangle dining table is made of rustic wood. It is equipped with wooden benches made without any finishing. On this table I find dark and grey base layer. On this Japanese base layers, each cutlery and glassware is arranged. Fresh flower is placed to give fresh view. There are some cups in natural design for tea drinking. Of course this wooden dining set matches with wooden floor to stick out Japanese home interior ideas.

18 Photos of the Extraordinary Japanese Home Combined with Contemporary House Flair