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Extraordinary Loft Decor in House Interior for Impressive Visualization

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My cousin has built a new house which is decorated in unique style. Interior design in his house is really amazing. I look around each living space inside of this house. And I find a Loft Decor which is decorated in unique style. I wonder where he got this brilliant idea to turn common loft into sophisticated one. His bedroom is decorated with laminate flooring that looks like wooden floor because this laminate flooring is crafted with wooden pattern. Contemporary grey bed in this bedroom looks so stylish. It is covered by white quilt. There are soft pillows and floral pattern pillows on this bed.

Inspiring Loft Decor in Bedroom

There is interesting icon which is applied in this bedroom. It is tribal pattern wall mural painted in white, blue, and black color. Surely it belongs to interior Loft Decor which has artistic value. Next to modern bed with grey bed headboard, I see high gloss finish wood bedside table with drawers. There is nightlight and glass ornament on this bedside table. Under modern bed there is white carpet that feels so warm. Wall lights adhered on wall spread shiny lighting effect over this bedroom. On corner, I see lacquered wood sideboard. On wall there is interesting wall mural. This bedroom is supplied with sliding door.

Then I get into bathroom which is furnished with white bath tub. This bath tub is sleek enough because it is crafted of porcelain. Stainless steel tap is fitted on it. This bath tub looks impressive with grey ceramic tile. Glass bay window next to bath tub enables me to see scenery outside. This glass bay window also functions as border between bathroom and balcony outside. Glass bath set is placed on white base layer. There is an indoor plant which looks beautiful and it provides fresh air.

Glossy Loft Decor

Kitchen in his house is furnished with glossy kitchen furniture. Kitchen drawer in dark color and kitchen island in glossy silver arouse futuristic kitchen design. Kitchen cabinet in stainless steel matches with stainless steel range hood and other kitchen appliances. Backsplash light fitted in this kitchen create bright visualization. Dining set in dark color is placed in this kitchen as minimalist living space. I like wall mural in this living space creates precious interior Loft Decor.

15 Photos of the Extraordinary Loft Decor in House Interior for Impressive Visualization