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Fascinating Living Room Ideas Decorated in White and Red Combination

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I visit my teacher’s house in order to ask some explanation dealing with my score revision. Her house is built in contemporary style. She asks me politely to sit on contemporary white sofas in this stylish living room. She arranges living room ideas in simple way but it looks elegant and classy. Not only white sofa, but also white puffs are set surrounding box coffee table in white color. On this table there are several precious glasses. Behind sofa, I see glossy white sideboard to place white glazed pots and pictures in white frame. Shiny red wall mural is adhered on wall and so is artistic painting. Black floor lamp is set on corner. White furniture looks bright because it is combined with white drapes.

Living Room Ideas with Different Color of Beadboards

In this house there is another living room designed in unusual decoration. Red and white living room ideas are applied in each living room in her large house. This living room is furnished with modern sofas in white color. Low coffee table in white color is set in front of this sofa. Under this low coffee table there is square carpet in white color too. Windows with white frame is concealed by white curtain. Beaboards in this room are painted in different colors. One side of beadboard is polished in red while another one is painted in white.

Red and White Accents of Living Room Ideas

Red beadboard is furnished with white wall TV setup. It is intended to arouse contrastive view. Under this wall TV setup I find futuristic sideboard in unusual shape. This sideboard is crafted of wood. Laminate flooring which arouses warm sensation melds with classy decoration in this room. Beadboard polished in white color is adorned with unique wall decoration. This decoration has polka dots motif in red color. There is skylight which illuminates this living space and so does hidden light.

From here I can see living space that has same theme that is red and white decoration. Laminate flooring in this room looks shiny. Red accent is derived from wall decoration on beadboard. This red wall decoration surrounds wall TV setup in modern style. While white color is derived from white beadboard, white sofas and ball pendants. Red and white sofa cushions strengths combination of red and white living room ideas.

22 Photos of the Fascinating Living Room Ideas Decorated in White and Red Combination