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Fireplace Mantel Ideas with Stone and Marble

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I just try to make my own fireplace, and then I do really need the fireplace mantel ideas. I just want to obtain the one that come in a natural look that will really blend to my minimalist and natural home perfectly. Mu house is trimmed by the wooden stuffs like for the table, chairs, floor and a half of the wall is trimmed by the wood. Then it will really adorable if I can combine it with the other natural things that will really blended to the wooden stuffs like stone and marble perfectly as the mantel of the fireplace.

Then I just try to survey the style and the shape for a fireplace that will really adorable to be set in a natural house like mine. Then I just found two names that have a house that set in a natural look like mine. The first is Zoë and the second is Tom. Both of them are my college friends that really have the same taste like me. They d really love the nature. They set the wide windows, the wooden stuffs, the indoor plants and so on. Then I just try to saw their fireplace to give me an idea to obtain the stone or marble fireplace mantel.

White Natural Stone Fireplace Mantel

The first is Zoë’s. She set her fireplace in her living room in a very natural sense. She set the fireplace together with the stone mantel in it. She set the mantel with the white natural stone that shaped in rectangular and arrange there in the wall randomly. The look is really beautiful. The color of the stone is not actually that white there are also a little grey and smooth black but that what makes the sense beautiful. Moreover, the sense is really blend to the room perfectly.

Black Marble Fireplace Mantel

Then the second is belongs to Tom. He set his natural house is more modern than me and Zoë. Then he set the black marble fireplace mantel for his black fireplace. That was really beautiful remember that his living room set in a white wooden stuffs and with the wide windows that covers by the grey typical curtain and the wooden floor that set in an accent that give the mark in the edge of the room.


11 Photos of the Fireplace Mantel Ideas with Stone and Marble