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Futuristic Budget Design Hotel Built In IKEA Products

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Swedish giant furniture manufacturer IKEA planned to build a budget design hotel. My friend who is a fanatic IKEA worshipper told me the news last week, and cannot stop thinking of staying there. I have been knowing some of IKEA products from my friends. I myself only know about IKEA from sites online, or from my friend’s information since in Indonesia there is no official IKEA store. We have to go to Singapore first if we desire to purchase and see heir products directly.

Unique and Futuristic IKEA’s Budget Design Hotel

Loyal followers of IKEA will be excited knowing about the news that they will launch their budget design hotel by IKEA. I do not know much about IKEA, but from their product reviews and my friend’s description, I can infer how futuristic the hotel will be. Think of simplicity and multi purposes furniture that will be used by IKEA. IKEA itself is the kind of stores where you can find tools with various and unique usage. Each isle will lead you to a new discovery of home and décor utilities that will amaze you. No wonder die hard fans like my friend will get excited to know that they will open a new hotel built on their designs.

Not many people know IKEA but if they want to know their products and willing to buy unique products of theirs. My friend’s apartment is full of IKEA’s furniture. She admits they can be quite pricey but it is worth the price because they last for a long time and supported by its unique designs as well as purposes. Knowing that IKEA will have their own budget hotel makes me think of a modern yet sophisticated rooms with unique designs full of cool furniture.

Budget Design Hotel Across Europe

Too bad as my friend read, the budget hotel will be available only in Europe, not in the US where she stays at the moment. It will be launched and introduced in European countries first since it is Swedish-based manufacturer. Probably they want to know how market responds their hotels coming out in European society first. Yet again we should wish for budget design hotel by IKEA across Europe countries’s success.

27 Photos of the Futuristic Budget Design Hotel Built In IKEA Products