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Futuristic Dining Rooms in Modern Style Furnished with Cool Furniture

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I am invited by my boss who wants to celebrate his anniversary. This party is held in his house. Of course all staffs should attend this party. My friends and I reach this house in afternoon. His house is really large. In my view, all of living spaces are furnished with modern furniture. I think this luxurious house is really pleasant. Of course there are many dining rooms applied in this house because my boss is often visited by his clients. First I get inside dining room which is designed as open plan living space. There is bright wallpaper with classic pattern.

Bright White Dining Rooms

In this bright white dining room, I find glossy white sideboard and wooden dining set. Glossy white sideboard is adhered on wall. There are some unique ornaments and white pot containing indoor plant on this white sideboard. Besides, wall bar under this sideboard is supplied with hidden light which makes this room look sparkling. On rectangle dining table is surrounded by wooden side chairs. Above dining table there is drum pendant lamp. All of beadborad and ceiling is colored in white and so is sleek white marble floor. There is indoor plant in white square pot on corner. Glass window is covered with white curtain. Then I check out other design of dining rooms that is designed in different style from previous one.

Elegant Dining Rooms in Grey

In this dining room I see contemporary style dominating this interior. Grey beadboard looks so soft and elegant. This grey beabdoard matches with grey drapes that conceal glass bay windows. Grey floor is layered with purple fur rug. Dining set applied here has modern design. Square wood dining table is polished in white. There are precious glasses, bottle wine, cutlery, plates, and glass fruit bowl on this dining table.

This dining table is surrounded by modern side chairs with stainless steel frame. Drum floor lamp in white lamp shade is placed on corner. Nearby window I see large cupboard in white color. Surely it is contemporary furniture that enables you store glassware here. On the other side, there is white cabinet in white color too. This cabinet is supplied with glass material so we can look at inside of this cabinet. Wall mural is set on wall to give precious view in this room. All contemporary design of dining rooms in this house is really amazing.

30 Photos of the Futuristic Dining Rooms in Modern Style Furnished with Cool Furniture