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Gorgeous Contemporary Classic Home for the Living Room and the Bedroom

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These days, people tend to have modern design or minimalist design for their house, but there are some people that still choose the contemporary classic home as their favorite choice. This design itself combines the contemporary style and the classic style. We can say that the contemporary classic is the combination of the past and the present. Although it is seen as classic, the design is also seen in modern touch as well. You should see the pictures for the detail looks of the rooms in the house.

The Living Room of Contemporary Classic Home

Related to the pictures, you can see the living room as the public space in the contemporary classic style for the house. You should see the arrangement of the living room space. You can get the right proportion by adjusting the furniture and the other elements in the living room. Hence, the contemporary classic home interior design should be considered to have the great room proportion like placing the brown button backed sofas and the cream carpet in the middle of the room.

The Bedroom of the Contemporary Classic Home

In the house, bedroom is one of the crucial elements. Hence, you might need to set the bed and the other furniture to get the right proportion as well in the bedroom space. You can see on the pictures that the position of the bed, the cabinets, and the table are in the well proportion. Moreover, you can place the workspace on the corner of the bedroom. You can add the room partition to separate the space if you need some privation to work. Then, you can place the arm chairs and the table facing the large window to enjoy the outdoor view.

Moreover, you might be interested in the particular home design for your house. Then, you are looking for the information about the design portfolios. You can start to see the living room and the bedroom. It is because those two rooms are the crucial elements in a house. Moreover, you should know the trick to arrange the room related to the proportion. However, proportion of the contemporary classic design should be thought deeply than others.


10 Photos of the Gorgeous Contemporary Classic Home for the Living Room and the Bedroom