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Hardwood Stairs Design Advantages and Disadvantages

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Hardwood stairs design has always been popular. Besides its look, it is also easy to clean. Usually solid treads are used and installed as one rather than having strips and planks. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having hardwood stairs along with options you could do with them.

Hardwood Stairs Designs Pros and Cons


One of the biggest advantages of having hardwood stairs design is its beauty. Any wood color can do well against any wall paint, and the natural wood texture adds to the beauty and gives the stair a depth in character. It is better if you have hardwood floor as your home’s main floor material, as the transition of looks between rooms of different levels will be smoother. Hardwood is also relatively easy to clean, although you need to do it regularly or they will be very visible. It is also quite timeless and you won’t need to have it renovated for years.

Of course the hardwood stairs design has a lot of disadvantages as much as their advantages. The first and foremost disadvantage is that it is very slippery. It is advised against having a hardwood stair if you live with children or elders. Of course, a carpet covered stair is slippery as well, and if you can teach your children never to run on stairs and never to wear socks at home, then the hardwood stair might be an option. Hardwood stair is indeed durable, but once it needs maintenance, the cost will be quite high. It will also be a major maintenance with the second floor practically out of use for a several days.

Hardwood Stairs Design Options

If you are still dyeing the hardwood stairs even after knowing the disadvantages, though, then consider your options. Usually oak is used, but nowadays people are looking more at engineered hardwood instead. Sometimes the hardwood is installed on both the risers and the steps, but a hardwood stair can also combine hardwood steps with painted risers. The painted risers usually use poplar as the material as it takes well on paints and has a smooth surface without any texture. Whatever option you choose for your hardwood stairs design, though, remember to give caution to the disadvantages and care well for your hardwood stair.

9 Photos of the Hardwood Stairs Design Advantages and Disadvantages