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Home Workspaces for the Family Members

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The strange things of my sister’s house are that she applied the different home workspaces for her family members. I asked her why she should build the different workspace for her, her husband, and her daughter. Then, she just said that it was the agreement of them. She wanted to create the convenient working atmosphere in the house. Her daughter also asked the workspace herself. At the first time, it was only she and her husband who wanted to add the workspace in the house, but then her daughter wanted one.

My Sister’s Workspace

My sister designed the workspace differently from her husband and her daughter. She wanted to use the reclaimed and the second hand things. She wanted to get the right furniture for the workspace. Hence, she looked around in the flea market and the second hand stores. She then got the reclaimed wooden table with orange webbing chair. Yet, she still added the orange arch standing lamp near the desk. She also put the white long cabinet next to her wooden table.

Her Husband’s Workspace

My sister wanted to get the right design for her husband’s workspace. She asked her husband about the design for the workspace. Her husband told her to add the simple furniture there. He wanted to have the simplest theme for the workspace. She then placed the brown executive desk with the brown chair as well. My sister added three different wall clocks to show the different time parts. She then added the black hanging lamp above the desk. She also added the white bookshelves near the desk.

Moreover, my sister asked her daughter as well to know her wish for the workspace. Her daughter mentioned the cute and girly theme for the workspace. Then, my sister added the red floral wallpaper to the wall. She added the white table with bookshelves. She installed the workspace facing the blue windows. Moreover, my sister put the white chair with red seating pad for completing the white desk. Furthermore, my sister wanted to build the best design for the family’s workspace. However, she built the workspaces precisely, so that I could see the stunning workspaces when I visited her last week.


11 Photos of the Home Workspaces for the Family Members