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Hotel Encanto for Great Honeymoon Plan in Acapulco

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My husband and I had honeymoon in Acapulco by the way, and then we stayed in Hotel Encanto. The hotel is one of the hotels located in pacific coastline in Mexico. It is a kind of new hotel because it was built in 2010. The hotel integrated the natural surroundings to get the wonderful panoramic view. As long as I stayed in the hotel, this hotel correlates the ocean, the beach, and the indoors. The hotel is not big with forty four guest rooms in which twenty with private pools and twenty four with private terrace.

The Hotel Looks Like

When my husband and I arrived in the hotel, I saw the white façade there. We arrived in the midday where the sun shines beautifully. I saw the front terrace in which we were standing. We were stepping the brown wooden deck. There, I saw the brown sofas and the white benches near us. We then entered the stunning white entrance door. Yet, the bell boy told us that the hotel will look more gorgeous in the night. He mentioned the colorful ambient lights.

The Choice of Staying Room

We were walking to the receptionist desk. Then, we were offered to choose the room by looking at the rooms. We were very lucky to see and chose the room. My husband and I were accompanied by the bell boy. We were shown the room with the pool first. I saw the luxury pool with green water. I saw the big tree there. Then, we moved to the room with the terrace. I saw the terrace in cream stone deck. I tried to sit on the cream sofa and my husband sat on the black chair.

On the other hands, my husband and I had to choose the room. Yet, we confused for choosing the great room for us. Then, my husband decided the room for us. He decided the room with the terrace. He thought that we will not use the pool often due to the beach and the sea. Then, we entered the room with wooden bed frame. It has frameless windows facing the sea. It was a great honeymoon for us.


18 Photos of the Hotel Encanto for Great Honeymoon Plan in Acapulco