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Inspirational Green Office Arouses Relaxing and Peaceful Atmosphere

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I have to go to work every day in a Green Office that makes all workers feel enthusiastic to work. I think this office has unusual design because I have never found decoration like this office before. Most of offices tend to bring out formal design. Of course formal design feels inflexible. However, first time I come into this office I can feel relaxing sensation inside of this office. With green decoration, all workers will be free of tensions. Since when they feel tired or stress, mess office with inflexible design can increase their tenses. Fortunately I can work in this comfort place.

Green Office Combined with White

This office is dominated by white color. Although Green Office design is main theme of this building, but I find white color that dominates to decorate this interior. Sleek marble floor represents shiny look over this interior. Moreover, ceiling and wall in this office are painted in white. This white themed interior interests everyone to get inside and enjoy peaceful sensation. Glass bay window is concealed by white curtain. There is white drum floor lamp placed nearby window. Green color is derived from green carpet in unusual design.

On this carpet there is contemporary sofa in light green. This light green sofa is furnished with glossy green sofa cushions. Of course, all furniture applied in this office is polished in light green. Most of people assume that green reflects peaceful and fresh sensation. Therefore, this office is designed in green color to make people feel relax.

Fresh Atmosphere of Green Office

In front of green sofa, there are some arm chairs in light green. White coffee table in modern style is placed nearby green armchairs and green sofa. Ceiling lights in modern style enlighten this office perfectly. I see tube vase containing fake flowers in green. White desk in unique shape is placed in center. Green swivel chairs are set surrounding this white table. Hidden lights are fitted to enlighten this room with soft lighting effect. There is artificial flower in green color placed on white desk. These green colors fit to white wall and ceiling to create fresh look of this Modern Green Office design.

12 Photos of the Inspirational Green Office Arouses Relaxing and Peaceful Atmosphere