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Inspiring Bright Home Arouses Peaceful Sight in White Interior Design

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My aunt suggests me to stay at her house for a while before I find new residence. Her house offers peaceful place that makes me endure staying there as long as I wish. This is Bright Home which is full of white decoration and white furniture. All living spaces in this house are polished in white. My aunt says that she likes white very much since white symbolizes pureness and sincerity. One of interior design of this house which is full of white is dining room. This dining room and kitchen are designed as one living space to save space in this house. Between dining room and kitchen there is no wall partition. It is intended to create spacious room.

Bright Home Concept

I wonder where she gets Bright Home ideas to build this inspiring house. However, all living spaces inside of this house arouse convenient place for occupants. Dining set in this house arouses peaceful atmosphere. Rustic wood dining table in rectangle shape is the only one rustic furniture in this room. There are wine bottle, martini glass, magazine, and fruit bowl on rectangular wood dining table. This dining table is equipped with white acrylic side chairs in modern style.

Open Plan Kitchen in Bright Home

While waiting for food served, I sit on dining chair to read magazine. My aunt says she needs concentrate to cook special menu for me and she does not let anyone bother her. I can see her move while cooking in bright kitchen. This kitchen looks impressive with white decoration dominating kitchen. White kitchen cabinet in huge size is set on left side. Sophisticated kitchen appliances are set inside of this huge white kitchen cabinet.

Glossy white kitchen furniture in this open plan kitchen arouses bright and wide visualization over room. I think it is brilliant idea to design kitchen in that way. Beadboard over this space is painted in white. Kitchen island looks perfect in glossy white finishing. It is supplied with glossy white drawers. There is stainless steel faucet and stainless steel range hood on this kitchen island. Contemporary stove is utilized to cook effectively. Wall lights enlighten open plan kitchen as contemporary Bright Home ideas.

11 Photos of the Inspiring Bright Home Arouses Peaceful Sight in White Interior Design