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Italian Bedroom Furniture for Sweet and Modern Look

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Personally, I do not really like the sense of the Italian bedroom furniture. The sense that come really overwhelmed and too much I think, but somehow, if it is trim suitably then the overwhelmed sense will become the tidy and beautiful sense. I ever saw the Italian bedroom that trim in suitable way that make me feel that the sense of the “too much” sense for the Italian bedroom is not really felt. This room is belongs to my aunt that get too much influence from her Italian friends to décor her room.

Brown Wall Cream Bed Frame Red Curtains Classic Theme

The look of her bedroom is set in come in minimalist sense. Even though most of the furniture come in a dark wooden color, the minimalist and modern look still can be seen there from the hidden lamps that set there and the combinations of the shade there. The rug is really modern come in black that really blend to the wooden color floor and the white bed and the white couch is really suitable for the sense there perfectly.

Sweet Sense Italian Bedroom

After my aunt’s room, the guest bedroom of the house also set in Italian bedroom sense. The sense is sweet and not really too much. This room is the room that I dwelled when I stayed in her home for holiday purposes. So, the room is come in an olive color wall and the floor in a wooden color. Then the drawers, bed frame and the small table is set in an Italian furniture that really simple and can blend to the floor perfectly. What I love the most there is the oval mirror that set in a golden frame beautifully.

Modern Italian Bedroom

Then in her house is also provided a room that comes in a small room that trimmed in a modern taste. The room is in a black wall and white floor. Then the bed is come in an Italian taste, but come really modern with its simplicity. The bed is in a low profile bed and the sitting lamps is really minimalist and beautiful trim the room precisely. I just wonder why she make those room there, but neither for the guest nor her.

10 Photos of the Italian Bedroom Furniture for Sweet and Modern Look