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Kitchen Cupboard Doors Applied to have Stunning Kitchen Look

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My father wanted to help my mother to change the kitchen cupboard doors. He wanted to change the doors because the doors have broken for the ages and the weather conditions. Hence, he wanted to get the right wood for the doors. He wanted to find the other durable wood. Furthermore, he also considered the colors of the wooden doors. My mother stated her opinion for the door as well. My father then searched the catalogue and sorted the favorite wood and colors.

The Options for the Doors

My father had sorted the list of the wood and its colors. My father wanted to apply the different color for the new doors. Hence, he could create the new look for the cabinets and the cupboards. Moreover, he found several common wood and colors in the catalogue like the graved door, brown smooth door, and pale brown smooth door. Yet, he looked for something different. He also found the Italian and European style in which has smooth surface of the doors. Moreover, he paid attention more to the glass doors.

The Choice of the Doors

My father finally chose the doors for the kitchen cabinets and the cupboards. When I asked him related to the doors, he said that he wanted to combine the wooden doors and the glass doors. Hence, he could see the combination. He then also showed me about his choices. He chose the white wooden doors. He also combined the white with tosca wooden doors. He wanted to create the light colors in the kitchen. Then, he installed the frosted glass doors for the other doors.

Furthermore, my father called the store to order the cabinets and the cupboard doors. He told me that the doors will arrive around two days in shipment. Then, the doors arrived in time. He started to remove and replace the doors. He needed a day for the activity. In the evening, he asked all of the family to see the new doors for the cabinets and the cupboard in the kitchen. We all saw the different look for our kitchen. It looks very stunning than we have expected before.


12 Photos of the Kitchen Cupboard Doors Applied to have Stunning Kitchen Look