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Kitchen Islands with Stools for Every Sense of the Room

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I do love the kitchen island with stools that come really adorable and blend to the sense around it. Beside it can simplified the dining room and the kitchen, it can also save your available room that actually for the dining room and replaced with the other stuffs that might really needs to be put there perfectly. Then I just want to obtain the stools in my kitchen to minimize the usage of the space in the kitchen, but I just confused to use what kinds of stools in it that come beautifully blended.

Then I went to my aunt and my granny to take a survey of the stools there. As I know they have two different style of kitchen. My aunt is a stylish person and she set her kitchen in a modern look. Then it is really different with my granny that loves vintage really much and she set her kitchen in a vintage look. What makes both of the kitchen is really similar is the barstools that placed there perfectly. Even though both of them is set in different style and sense, but both of them set a barstools there similarly.

Modern Kitchen Island with Barstools

This is my aunt’s kitchen that comes in modern style. Even though the style is modernly styled, most all of the kitchen is trimmed by the wooden stuffs like the cabinets, counters, and the kitchen island. What make this kitchen is really modern is from the chandelier that hang upon the ceiling simply and the kitchen island and the barstools. The kitchen island has the blue marble countertop that the blue color is really the same to the barstools. The barstools are really come modernly with the blue hue there nicely.

Vintage Kitchen Island with Barstools

Then this kitchen is belongs to my beloved granny. My granny set her kitchen in vintage mood. The floor is in wooden floor and the counters and the cabinets is in minimalist design with the scarlet sweet color as the paint. Then the kitchen island is come in black with the food rack with the glass doors that really beautifully trim the look by the food that set there like the baguette and oatmeal breads. Then the barstools also come in black and really nice to be set there.


9 Photos of the Kitchen Islands with Stools for Every Sense of the Room