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Know All About Metal Stair Treads

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Metal stair treads are becoming more popular for home use. It has been used for industrial buildings because it meets the standards of building codes and all but more recently, we’re seeing a lot of residential homes incorporating metal stairs into their home interiors.

Metal accents in the home interior give that modern look. It creates an industrial tone to it that makes it unique from traditional materials used for building homes. The shine, gloss and appearance of metal speaks a lot about robotics, technology and the future. It’s the perfect material to use when you want to create an ultra-modern look in your home interior and one of the most common places to find metal is on the stairs. We see it on the stair rails and now, even on the stair treads.

metal anti slip stair treads

Metal stair treads and what you need to know

Stair treads are basically the horizontal board that you step on when you climb a stairway. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It’s simply that stepping board. Traditionally, stairs were made from wood. It was the most conventional material to use for residential houses. But we’re seeing more metal and steel stair treads in homes today so here are tidbits of information about metal treads.

They are manufactured from different materials. It can be made into various designs and specifications. When we say “metal,” we’re not talking about just one compound. Metal treads can be made from mild steel, pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or others. Here are some common designs for the metal treads.

  • Chequerplate treads are made from flat metal plates. The pattern of protrusions is on one side only. They can be made in various designs and patterns and basic function of these protrusions is to provide grip to the treads when walked on.
  • Perforated treads is another design which is also made from flat sheets. It has raised perforated holes and drain holes as well. Suitable for outdoor staircases and for industrial buildings as well.

Both designs are available to be made from mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. It is easy to cut and fold into various shapes which make it suitable for stair treads. It is made by hot rolling but modern manufacturers use different machines to make the pressed diamond designs. The designs are meant to create a non-slippery metal stair treads.


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