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Living room fireplace – how to keep it safe

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If you are about to install a living room fireplace, then you must keep the safety measures in mind. A fireplace in the living room may be a great idea and can make your room look absolutely stunning and elegant, but if it is not safe, then all the beauty and fun will go out of it in no time. The good news however is that it is extremely easy to follow the fire safety measures and if you are just a little bit careful and disciplined, you will have a very safe and secured fireplace right in the middle of your living room. Listed below are some very easy to follow safety measures. Read on to know more.

Tips keeping the living room fireplace safe

  • Keep it clean – It is very important to maintain the fireplace properly. Keep it clean. Do not throw papers, wrappers and other such things into the fireplace, even when the fire is not on. If you do so, you will be able to control the fire accidents to a great level. Also, keep the chimney clean so that the smoke can escape and not pollute the house, leading to health issues.
  • Keep your children and pets away – If you have children or pets, make sure they never go too close to the fireplace when a fire is on. A huge number of mishaps take place because kids and pets unknowingly go too close to the fire. Prevent this from happening.
  • Never leave it unmanned – When you light a fire, make sure an adult is always around it. If you leave the fire unattended, there is every chance that a child may start fiddling with the fire. Also, things can fly and fall into the fire, making it large and uncontrollable. So when you light a fire in the living room fireplace, make sure you are around it at all times.
  • Keep the fire fighting equipment close by – At the time when the fireplace is being installed, you must also install the fire fighting equipment need by. Build a holder for the equipment so that it is easily accessible when needed. Install the fire alarms at proper places to ensure that you have prior warning if anything goes wrong.
  • Keep it covered – When not in use, your fireplace should always be covered. This will take care of a host of problems and will also give the fireplace area a nice, warm look.

So now that you know how to keep the fireplace safe, you can easily go ahead and install a beautiful fireplace in the living room. It is always a wonderful thing for the entire family to gather around the fireplace with hot chocolate cups in hand and exchanging stories. If you too want to create such occasions for your family, go ahead and install a fire place in your drawing room. Just ensue the fire safety measures are in place and then you can whole heartedly enjoy the living room fireplace.

Living room fireplace

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Living room fireplaceLiving room fireplaceLiving room fireplace