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Lovely Design Work in Inspirational Decoration Perform Nice Interior

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I have acquaintance whose house is designed in futuristic design. She has unique preference dealing with house interior. When I come into her house I catch Design Work that embellishes this house. Interior design in this house looks so amazing because of this unique architecture. She says that she gets this brilliant ideas from well know designer namely Uglyanitsa Alexander. Her house has simple design but it looks so pleasant of course. She and I sit on dark blue sofa which is equipped with colorful sofa cushions. Wall TV setup is fitted well in this living room. There is modern sideboard under this TV setup. This sideboard is decorated in high gloss finish. There are some books lay on this sideboard.

Innovative Design Work of Living Space

Brown carpet in rustic style is set under this dark blue sofa. A unique wall light is created as if it is sectional floor lamp with wooden frame. Novel pendant lamp with white lamp shades hang on ceiling. Behind this dark blue sofa, there is white beadboard crafted of rustic brick wall. On the other side, I find light green beadboard where circular shape bookcase is placed. This circular shaped bookcase belongs to unique design work applied in this room. There are a lot of books arranged neatly in this circular shaped bookcase. Upper side of bookcase, I see cute doll lying on it.

Glass bay window that enable sunlight comes into this room is covered with cream curtain. In this living space, I find white desk in rectangle shape. This desk is equipped with dark blue arm chair in modern style too. There is computer setup and some books on this white desk. White floating shelf adhered on wall is utilized to place some books.

Design Work with Glossy Furniture

Then I move to another living space which is designed in creative design. I see elegant design of living space which is decorated with laminate wall and shiny marble floor. In this room, there are two sofas crafted of rattan. These sofas with padded are equipped with colorful sofa cushions. Glass coffee table in square is adorned with pretty table tops. On corner there is floor lamp in unique shape. One side of beadboard is decorated with artistic wall mural. Two pendant lamps in cage lamp shades illuminate this living space adorned with unique design work for interior.

17 Photos of the Lovely Design Work in Inspirational Decoration Perform Nice Interior