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Lovely Japanese House as Minimalist House with Rustic Interior

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This is my first time come into my parent in law’s house. This house looks simple without too much adornment. Exterior house looks like a cube. Faced of this house looks different from another house in this town. This house is supported by five metallic posts. Outdoor wall is designed like grating texture. All parts of house are painted in silver. It belongs to Japanese House which is designed in simple architecture. Courtyard in this house presents green view that makes anyone feel fresh and relax. There are some leafless trees planted on front yard to provide fresh air. Fence of this house is crafted of metal that is considered as tough and durable material.

I walk toward entrance through outdoor staircase. Façade of house is equipped with glass wall and glass windows that enable me to see living spaces inside. Balcony with metallic railing is polished in silver. Terrace of this minimalist Japanese House is crafted of wood without any finishing. When I get inside, I find mudroom which is full of wooden racks. Those racks are utilized to place shoes and there is wall hook where a black shirt hangs on. Wooden chair, umbrellas and bicycle are placed on this white themed mudroom.

Bright White Interior of Japanese House

Bright white interior design in this house is shown by white windows frames, door frame, wall partition, and beadboard. Wooden floor is applied in this house to create rustic sight. Open plan living space enables the owner sets dining room, living room and kitchen into one space. Living room is furnished with white bed sofa with some sofa cushions. Wooden coffee table is set in front of sofa. Wall TV setup is crafted of wood too.

Fresh Indoor Plant in Japanese House

Dining table is made of untreated wood and it is surrounded by wooden side chairs. I look at this dining set as if it melds with wooden floor in this room. Nearby sofa, there is wooden sideboard without any finishing and so is small stairs with wooden stair steps. However kitchen set such as kitchen island, kitchen appliances and kitchen shelves are created of stainless steel for sparkling view. There are some indoor plants placed in this living space to give fresh atmosphere over minimalist Japanese House interior.

23 Photos of the Lovely Japanese House as Minimalist House with Rustic Interior