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Mini Sofa Completing the House

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My friend has just finished placing the mini sofa in her house. Hence, she called me to show the cute sofas in her house. She has obsession with the mini things like the sofa. She said that the mini size can be clean easily because she can move the things by herself like the sofa. The mini sofa usually has lighter weight than the normal size. Moreover, she also placed the colorful sofa in her house. She does not like the monotone color in her house even for a sofa.

The Sofas around the House

I finally arrived in her house that afternoon. I came in to her living room. She placed the yellow mini divan and the grey sofa there. I picked the yellow divan for sitting. I felt very comfort while sitting. She chose the right sofa I think. Moreover, I asked her about the other sofas. I wanted to see the sofas around her house. She told me that she combined the various sofas in the room. Hence, she would not place a variation in a room.

More Sofas Than I Expected

My friend showed me the sofas in the television room. She showed me the red round sofa in front of the television. There, I saw the round glass table aside the sofa. Moreover, I saw the black cube leather sofa near the red. The sofas look very interesting and stunning there. She also placed the red front car sofa facing the black sofa. Again, the combination looks to give the great proportion for the television room. Stepping aside, I looked the small library there. My friend placed the blue vintage sofa near the white bookshelves.

Furthermore, my friend placed the Estelle sofa in the way to the kitchen. My friend caught the attention to aesthetic principle for the room. She then placed the brown striped cream sofa with the foot stool in the corner of her house. She liked reading some books in that corner. She then asked me to see the bedroom. She showed the pink leather sofa in her bedroom. She then placed the red corner sofa as well in her bedroom. However, the sofas have very unique and cute colors and designs anyway.


12 Photos of the Mini Sofa Completing the House