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Minimalist Casa Valna for a Neat House

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The appearance of Casa Valna is definitely something that every family would like to have. The house has a minimalist ambiance that is also grand. Everything is also there, from a fresh garden to modern style and beautiful outside view. The package of this house is definitely what makes this house wanted by many.

Design of Casa Valna

As it has been said before, the everything is there in Casa Valna by JSa Arquitectura. The fresh green front garden has a cute appearance as the little plants lined up properly, completed with a slim and minimalist tree at the side. The exterior of the house has a geometrical appearance that makes it look unique, but its white color solves everything because of its neatness. Moreover, the slanted flat roof makes everything more exciting because the resident can know how it feels to stand on a non-flat surface. The backyard is different, as it consists of green grass that stays fresh all the time. Before the yard, there is a big bush of different plants that is connected with the house through the polished marble floor. From this floored part, the resident can see the horizon of the sun and the view of the city.

The interior design is also beautiful in its own way. The hall that leads to the marbled backyard is decked with stone floor and glass wall. Next to it is the gathering room, where everything except the black couch is materialized in light brown wood. At the side of the walls is where the small lamps are placed, lightning the room from the bottom. Everything in the house is literally made of light brown wood, from the stairs to the chairs. However, this simplicity, completed with the white walls and ceiling, is what the interior design beautiful.

Beautiful View of Casa Valna

As it can be seen, the house is beautiful both from the inside and the outside. However, the beauty does not stop there. At nights, the house’s illumination can be seen from the glass walls of the first floor, revealing the beauty of the house. Its breathtaking beauty of never stops. The beauty of bright Casa Valna by JSa Arquitectura will always be there, from the outside, inside, and even during at night.

10 Photos of the Minimalist Casa Valna for a Neat House