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Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs for the Small Space Kitchen

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My colleague invited me in her apartment to try the new cooking receipt from her mother, and then I saw the changes in her kitchen due to the modern eat-in kitchen designs. I arrived in her house at the afternoon. She greeted me very well. She said that she has been waiting me for about a half hour. I told her that the street is very crowded that time. She asked me directly to the kitchen. I followed her to the kitchen. Nevertheless, I still saw the same apartment as my latest visit.

Sitting in the Kitchen

My friend walked to the white refrigerator in the white glossy cabinets. She wanted to get the ingredients for the receipt there. I looked around to the kitchen and felt different to the furniture there. Then, I found the white breakfast table with white chairs. She added the purple seating pads on the chairs. Of course, I tried the new chair to sit. My friend said that she wanted to give new ambiance to the kitchen. As far as I know, she always has problem with her kitchen due to the narrow space.

The Kitchen Layout in the Apartment

While I was sitting on the white chair, I looked around to see the kitchen layout. My friend actually has stunning kitchen in the small space. She added the purple cabinets near the white one. She also added the white kitchen island in front of the cabinets. She then installed the steel kitchen chimney above the stoves. Moreover, my friend added the lighting system to create the aesthetic part in the kitchen. She hung the raindrops hanging lamp above the dining table.

Furthermore, my friend installed the hidden lamps to the ceiling. While she was preparing the ingredients, she asked me to get the appliances in the cabinets. She also asked me to find the additional appliances in the brown wooden shelves near the dining space. Moreover, she has finished bringing out the ingredients on the counter. Then, I came back there by bringing the additional appliances. However, we started to try the new receipt with new dining space in her kitchen apartment.


12 Photos of the Modern Eat-In Kitchen Designs for the Small Space Kitchen