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Modern Indoor Pools in Unique Design and Colorful Decoration

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As a lover of home interior design, I always look for great Indoor Pools and the other home interior ideas. In my city, there have been many buildings those are equipped with a number of amazing interior designs. I was so curious about those interior designs. Luckily, I found an excellent hotel. There are many people said that the hotel is equipped with several pools. Those pools are very interesting. I was so curious about them. Therefore, last week I decided to check in to that hotel.

Various Decorations of Indoor Pools

When I arrived in that hotel, I thought I was in the right place to find some great interior design, especially the Indoor Pools Design. When I was in the first floor of that hotel, the first place I went was the swimming pool. When I arrived in that swimming pool, I saw there was a great interior and decoration for pools. Like what you see in the picture, the swimming pool on the first floor was designed in a unique design. Besides that, there are several decorations those beautify the swimming pool. In that swimming pool, there is a little gate that make the swimming pool looks more stunning.

Futuristic and Stunning Indoor Pools Designs

After I was being satisfied of enjoying the atmosphere of the first – floor swimming pool, I moved to the second floor of the hotel. I expected to see the other greater swimming pool interior design ideas. On the second floor, I found a great and romantic pool. In that romantic swimming pool, there are only simple decoration are applied. Actually, the design of the swimming pool itself is simple enough. It is just a square design. However, the decoration in that swimming pool design brings a different atmosphere and looks. Besides that, the lamps beautiful lighting in that swimming pool are arranged very well.

There are also several parts of the swimming pool decoration are from wooden material. It enhances the romantic atmosphere. On the third floor, I found something different with the two last swimming pools. In the third floor, I found a futuristic swimming pool. That futuristic and modern indoor swimming pool is equipped with some great lightings and great paintings as well. Therefore, that Modern Indoor Pools Design looks great.

17 Photos of the Modern Indoor Pools in Unique Design and Colorful Decoration