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Modern Townhome Gives the Inspiration for Small Space House

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My colleague lives in the modern townhome in Thailand. He lives in a comfort house as I visited him last time. The house has two stories. The first story is for the dining room, living room, and the kitchen. He maintained the interior design very well. Moreover, he arranged the second story for bedrooms, home workspace, and the bathroom. I amazed to the house for the living space. He showed me the house while I was there. He wanted to show the modern living in the middle of Bangkok’s fashion district.

The First Story of the House

When I arrived in the house, I entered the house through the glass sliding doors. I sat on the cream sofa in front of the black screen television with black television cabinet. I observed the space. The space is built in linear row for the living room, dining room, and the kitchen. I saw that my colleague placed the white transparent curtain and brown curtain from the ceiling to the ground. Then, he placed the black glass dining table with white chairs there. Stepping forward, I saw the kitchen with glass enclosure that can be opened or closed as desired.

The Second Story of the House

My colleague wanted to show his second story for bedrooms, workspace, and the bathroom. Before that, we had to pass the wooden staircases on the corner of the first story. We went upstairs. Then, I entered the bedrooms. For both bedrooms, I saw the wooden bed frame in brown and black color. He installed the wooden floor for the room. He added the wooden long wall cabinets in front of the bed.

Moreover, I saw the workspace in the second story. I saw the brown wooden desk with black chairs. He added the brown wooden wall bookshelves in the room. He applied the brown color on the wall. He also added the silver arch lamp on the desk. Furthermore, I entered the bath room. He built the bathroom by allowing the natural light through the large windows. He separated the bathroom space by adding the glass partition. However, I could get the home design inspiration after seeing the house for small space townhouse.


10 Photos of the Modern Townhome Gives the Inspiration for Small Space House