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Pink Sofa Pillows for Sweet and Girly Theme Room

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This kind of pink sofa pillow or we usually call it as the cushion is usually trim the sofa perfectly. Moreover, if it is come in pink, it will really trim your sweet and girly room theme. What you have to know about pink is the shades that come variously like amaranth, brink, carnation, cerise, coral pink, deep carmine, deep pink, French rose, fuchsia, Hollywood cerise, magenta, hot pink, lavender pink, Persian rose, rose, rose pink, ruby, salmon pink, shocking pink, and ultra pink that come as your choice.

Hot Pink Color Round Geometri Motive Square Shape Satin Fabric

Then just choose the pink shade that will really trim your girly and sweet room beautifully. You can use the plain one or just trim it with the embroidery, sequins, the motive, printed, or even patch work to combine the pink shade. Moreover, the fabrics also come variously for a cushion, from the velvet, suede, satin, silk, cotton, chiffon and the other fabric that might become the cushion pillowcase. If you want to make it uniform just smartly choose the fabric and the decorations, if you want make it beautifully different, just choose your favorite pink color then.

Pink Cushion Patchwork Do It Yourself: The Pattern

If you try to make your own patchwork pink cushion, then just find the pink fabric with different motives. Then you can start to measure the large of the cushion and apply it to the fabric as the pattern and cut it. For example, we will make the England flag shape, then you just have to find two kinds of pink motives fabrics. After you cut down the base pattern, you can make the stripes for the England flag shape pattern in the fabric and cut it down. After that, apply the stripes to the base pattern until the look of the England flag shape is come appear.

Pink Cushion Patchwork Do It Yourself: Sew It

After the pattern is ready, you can sew it. To sew the pillowcase, you have to reverse the fabric that the side that meant to be in the inside is in the outside. Then take a zipper as long as the cushion and sew a side with it. After the zipper is applied, you can start to sew the rest of the side tidily. After that just reverse the pillowcase to the fabric side that meant to be in the outside and your pinky cushion patchwork with England flag motive is ready to use.

11 Photos of the Pink Sofa Pillows for Sweet and Girly Theme Room