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Relaxing Natural Resort With Beautiful Spa in China

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One of the perks of being a traveller is that you can travel the world and just like my cousin, she could return home telling me a story of her relaxing natural resort‘s finding in China. You can have tons of activities and quite much time to kill during your free time, but you might not lose the tense feelings you have after working or doing your activities. My cousin decided to go for a traveling in Eastern Asia’s country, in China. She decided to go there because her college friend studies there, so she thought that would save money for hotel because she can stay there. I was a little short in money so I could not accompany her.

Short Refreshing Trip to Relaxing Natural Resort in Chongqing

One day she came to my house, brought me some gifts, and pictures as evidence of her vacation. She has saved half of her salary every month for this trip, and I am glad to find her home feeling refreshed and satisfied, because I know living in big city with busy schedule must be tiring for her. She told me she stayed at a beautiful relaxing natural resort in Chongqing, and told me bits and pieces of her experience during her short stay in there.

First two days of her vacation in China were spent staying at her friend’s flat. They shared bed, and that made my cousin reluctant to ask for more favors. So she asked her friend which place to stay with beautiful views and amazing views so she could stay there. Her friend directly showed her a resort and spa in Chongqing, and the place was just marvelous. It has natural atmosphere and beautiful architecture. She could stare at beautiful nature and small river just behind her room! Plus, there is a hot tub in open space where you can relax and enjoy the view down from your room.

Natural Approach for Relaxing Natural Resort in Chongqing

The rooms themselves are decorated with modern and natural approach. It has wooden furniture and flooring, so people can still feel its natural atmosphere even after stepping in to the floor. The minimalistic design also helps to accentuate the beauty of nature surrounds each room. There is also a spa facility for whoever wants to relax and enjoy body massage with natural ingredients and self-healing as promised by Eastern’s medication. My cousin then concluded that her trip to relaxing natural resort in China’s Chongqing is worth doing because of the beautiful views and amazing experiences she got there.

27 Photos of the Relaxing Natural Resort With Beautiful Spa in China