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Resplendent Designs Greatly Built in a House with Lake View

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I went to my cousin’s new house for resplendent designs. She has built the new house near the lake. She told me that I should experience the ambiance through the house myself. She invited me to spend the holiday in her new house. She has dreamt the house for long time. Since she starts to work, she has saved her little money to buy the house like that. She now can buy the dream house. I was very curious to the house look. Then, I was there for spending my holiday several days.

The Living Room

I entered to my cousin’s living room first. Then, I saw two different space themes even though it is almost the same. I sat on the white sofas in the white and chocolate brown side. The monochrome side has brown and white color scheme for the room. Besides the white sofas, my cousin placed the brown wall panel in which she uses it as the cabinets as well. Then I saw the white cube table in front of me. After that, I was walking to the monochrome side in which it has black and white color.

The Other Parts of the House

Then, I decided to walk around the house. Then, I saw the white open plan staircase there. She added the glass balustrade for the stairs. I could see the light to travel the space unobstructed. It gives the natural lighting to the stairs. Then, I saw the beige sofa near the staircase. There, I saw the white pendant lamp hung on the ceiling. Moreover, I went to her nursery room. She applied the contemporary design there. She added the white cradle and the white sofa opposite to the purple wall.

On the other hands, I asked my cousin to show me the master bedroom. It was because she told me that the master bedroom is facing the lake view. She accompanied me to the master bedroom while holding her baby. I saw the glass sliding doors in front of the white bed. She designed the room very simple with black standing television as the accent. However, I stayed there for several days to enjoy and explore the house more.


19 Photos of the Resplendent Designs Greatly Built in a House with Lake View