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Small Kitchen Design Ideas for the Small Space Kitchen

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My older sister and my little sister have only the small space for the kitchen, so that they want to find the small kitchen design ideas. They want to build their new kitchen at the same time. Hence, they can look for the furniture and the decorations together. Fortunately, I have just built my new kitchen this year. Hence, I do not need to involve in their planning. Still, I will come to their house for seeing their new kitchen.

My Little Sister’s Kitchen

I went to my little’s sister house last Friday to see her new kitchen. I saw her maintaining and arranging the kitchen layout very well. She applied the minimalist design for kitchen. She placed the black cabinets and black counters. She placed several black chairs near the kitchen counter breakfast bar. She placed the orange backsplash for the kitchen. Moreover, she placed the silver refrigerator on the corner of the kitchen. Hence, she could create more space to entrance way. Then, I saw that my little sister hung three spotlights in the middle of the kitchen. Those lights give natural light for the kitchen.

My Older Sister’s Kitchen

I went to my older sister’s house the next day after I visited my little sister. I saw the futuristic kitchen there. She applied the kitchen design total differently from my little sister. She placed the white kitchen cabinets with white wooden doors and glass wooden doors. Then, I saw her applying the lime green color for the wall. She chose the orange oven cabinets to give the light color for the room. Then, she also installed the orange pendant lamp in the middle of the kitchen.

Shortly, my sisters wanted to build the kitchen at the same time because they wanted to find the kitchen furniture and decorations together. Then, they have applied the different designs for each kitchen. My little sister applied the minimalist design, whereas my older sister applied the futuristic and colorful design. Both designs have interesting parts. Hence, I could see that they have different taste of design I think. However, it is glad to know that they have successfully built the new kitchen.


10 Photos of the Small Kitchen Design Ideas for the Small Space Kitchen