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Solid bedroom furniture for your home

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Solid bedroom furniture is always a more intelligent investment than veneered wood. What is veneered wood? A thin layer of solid wood is stuck with glue onto ply, chipboard or MDF and also, sometimes, a different variety of solid wood. A veneer is usually very thin – paper thin in fact, and can go up to a thickness of 5-6 mm. Many a time, a piece of furniture will be a combination of solid wood as well as veneered – for example, a table can have a top made of veneered wood while its four legs are made of solid wood.

When you are investing in furniture for your home, always invest in and buy the best obviously because of its strength, durability and endurance. Solid bedroom furniture will look far better too and when you are buying furniture for the room which is where you relax and rewind, you should only opt for the best. Beds, bedside tables, ottomans, bed-end benches, cupboards, dressing table, vanities or armchairs that are kept in the bedroom should all be made of solid wood – it will look wholesome and beautiful and you will not be compromising on quality either, and what is more, your children will stand to inherit this furniture and probably their children too!

What are the characteristics of solid bedroom furniture? Well, for one, the grain and texture of the wood will be glorious and even on all surfaces of the furniture. Uneven or mismatched grain will tell you that your furniture is made of veneered and solid wood. Solid wood furniture is also fitted with dovetail hinges etc. by carpenters who understand that it will expand or contract with the climate. Solid bedroom furniture is also able to withstand dents and scratches and you can remove blemishes with polish and sanding – and you will also notice that the wood looks more attractive with these marks of use. Further, solid bedroom furniture can be made to look extremely glossy and shiny by oiling and by using lacquer to paint it. Solid bedroom furniture will also not require much maintenance and you will be able to enjoy its beauty and sustainability for a long time.

You have a wide range of woods to choose from when you buy solid  bedroom furniture, each with its own unique beauty. Maple, oak, pine, cherry, mahogany , teak – the variety and range is endless. You can look for solid bedroom furniture in stores which sell antique furniture – which were always made of solid wood. Beautiful antique furniture in solid wood will be a lovely addition to your home and indeed your bedroom. You can also look online for solid bedroom furniture but a word to the wise there – be very careful of the site you buy from and make sure it is a reputed and secure site. You do not want to pay the price of a solid bedroom furniture set only to find that you have been sent  furniture that is made from cheap wood and imitation materials which will be damaged before you know it. However, going online is a good idea because you will probably get great deals and discounts so look carefully and choose wisely!

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