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Sophisticated Small Space with Unusual Design for Contemporary House

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I come into my grandfather’s house which has been renovated since two months ago. As a result his house with Small Space looks more elegant and stylish. This house brings out modern concept which becomes trend recently. Of course my grandfather has brilliant ideas to turn limited space in his house into amazing interior which is designed in innovative style. When I come into bedroom in this house, I am surprised of loft bed. Loft bed in luxurious style makes me impressed. Under this loft bed, there is elegant living room with sofa set in purple and dark color.

Sophisticated Loft Bed in Small Space

This Small Space design arouses amazing view to anyone who sees it. Modern bed in white color is covered by luxurious quilt. White pillows and grey pillows are set on this modern bed. Modern white bed headboard is combined with dark color. Soft hidden lights fitted in this loft bed make this bedroom more fascinating. There are many ceiling lights fitted on ceiling to enlighten living space with their sparkling lighting effect. All of beadboards are painted in white color. I catch round wall mural with abstract image adhered on wall.

Under loft bed I can see living room which is furnished with classy furniture. This furniture includes purple sectional sofa. This sectional sofa feels so cushy. There are floral pattern of sofa cushions in black and white colors set on this sectional sofa. Hidden light under this sofa illuminates this living room with its soft lights. Box coffee table in black color is put on centre of this sectional sofa. There are some ornaments put on glossy table in dark color next to sofa.

Futuristic Small Space with Cool Lights

When loft bed is pull up, this living room looks wider. I appreciate of sophisticated layout in this house. All of beadboard which is polished in white color looks precious with rainbow lighting effect spread by ceiling lights. Under round wall mural, there is modern sideboard which is decorated with stripes tone. This sideboard is used to place white glazed pot containing fake flower. This is really brilliant idea to create transformational Small Space design in this modern house.

14 Photos of the Sophisticated Small Space with Unusual Design for Contemporary House