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Stunning Serene Sun House with Tropical View

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This serene sun house is belongs to my Asian friend that lived in Singapore. She bought the house because she really loves the tropical sun and the nature that make her dwelling in a fresh sense. Then last winter I went to Singapore to see the endless summer there while I have my college reunion in Singapore. Her house is just like a dream house for every tropical look house in the land ever. I do really adore the look of the house that come really naturally and really beautiful with the wide windows.

Then for almost three weeks I stayed in the adorable serene sun house. The then I can saw the details of the house perfectly. Chuan, that what I call my friend’s name, has a really adorable infinity swimming pool in the backyard and the modern spacious hut in the middle of the pool. Not only the swimming pool but the house also set the magnificent pond in the front yard and trimmed by the frangipani trees there perfectly. The fragrance of the frangipani fulfilled the house every day. I love the scent anyway, come really tropically.

Serene Sun House Outdoor Nook

Actually it is not really outdoor nook, because the nook still in the hut that comes just like a gazebo in the middle of the swimming pool. I just really amazed to the design and the look of the house perfectly. Chuan set a black beautiful grand piano there and always play me and the other friends our favorite songs there in the night for the gathering sessions. Not only me, but all of my friends also adore the look of the house precisely. The tropical weather just make us forgot that in Europe is already in winter.

Serene Sun House Living Room

Then the second adorable place there is in the living room that comes together with the kitchen and the dining room. The plan is design in an open floor that makes the sense there become really spacious but really nice. The living room is trimmed perfectly by the wide windows that face the swimming pool and the frangipani trees that plant outside the house. The warm of the sun also sorely felt from there, I just hooked to the sense of the tropical serene sun house.


16 Photos of the Stunning Serene Sun House with Tropical View