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Stunning Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas of Cinderella Theme

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Cinderella is a legendary fairy tale. The tale is one of the most vocal fairy tales in history and has many versions including a western and eastern version. It was not until the reproducing of the scene from the fairy tales as animation movie by Walt Disney that the imagery of a carriage made of pumpkin firstly introduced to public. This romantic theme as a matter of inspiration coming from that movie is what the room of a friend wishes to present. The room is indeed small, but the small bedroom decorating ideas present something extraordinary by carrying the theme from that fairy tale.

General Romantic Theme on the Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The room is almost square. The size is very small and actually could be taken in inside the sight simply by standing at one corner of the room. The small bedroom decoration is its main attraction. This decoration comes in motive and ornament accompanying the basic design of either the layout of the room, and even the dominant parts of the furnishing items. The room also features color scheme of pink and cream its primary of color combination.

The floor is of wooden surface design, while the wall is of concrete. The wall of the room is made of concrete and given pink and cream color. The ceiling of the room is applied with ceramic lamp holder of wide circle design. The only thing left to remain intact is the floor. Furthermore, the entrance of the room is painted with glimpse of three-dimensional painting of a castle as if the door of the room were a door of castle.

General and Centerpiece Furnishing Items of the Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

As far as furniture is concerned, the small bedroom features rather minimalistic amount of furnishing items. However, the design of this minimalist furniture is given most attention to make the result as one of those adorable decorating ideas. The room features the usage of wooden constructed furnishing items inside. The centerpiece item of this room is the bed. The bed takes the shape of a round carriage, shaped like a pumpkin. This is to remain faithful to the theme and the Disney’s version of depiction. The centerpiece item completes the romantic tone of the room.

11 Photos of the Stunning Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas of Cinderella Theme