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Stunning Swedish White Heirloom Apartment in Calm and Cool Sense

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Last month my sister is moved in to the Swedish white heirloom apartment. She was really excited to the apartment because the apartment is come in a totally white shade. Then she can set the apartment in her own style in any colors without change the sense there that will always come in calm and cool mood. Then I just help her to décor the apartment perfectly. I loved how she trims the apartment with the colorful stuffs that make the room not in a pale look.

Just for your information, the look is all in white, from the ceiling, wall, floor, door, windows and all of the base things is come in white, fair white. Then my sister set the white curtains, white bed sheet, and white small desk and table to make the sense there blend perfectly into one mood, and then the others in a colorful theme. The calm Swedish white heirloom apartment is really adorable as the woman’s dwelling like my sister and me. We just really love the white sense and the calm mood that made by the white color there.

Swedish White Heirloom Apartment Living Room

In the living room is trimmed by our, my sister and me, favorite sofa that made of jeans. The sofa is from my granny for her 21 birthday. The sofa is come simple and minimalist but the couch is really comfortable and really chic to be matched to the other colors. I just give her my favorite rug the rug that come colorfully and come in stripes. Then after the jeans sofa and the stripes rug, my sister also trims the living room with the minimalist shelf and calm color charts that really trim like a painting.

Swedish White Heirloom Apartment Bedroom

Then the main bedroom that dwelled by my sister is really come beautifully. The sense is really colorful but still calm because of the white floor, white wall, and the white bed sheet. She hangs the “M” letter above her bed. M is from her initial name Melisa. She got the letter from her fiancé. Actually she also has the “F” letter that placed on the shelf in the living room. F is also her fiancé’s initial name, Fabian. Back to the colorful theme bed that really suitable to the Swedish white heirloom apartment perfectly.


14 Photos of the Stunning Swedish White Heirloom Apartment in Calm and Cool Sense