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Stunning Warm Interior Decorated in White Color Represents Rustic View

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My sister takes me into her friend’s house which is located in suburb. When I arrive at her house, I find Warm Interior furnished with rustic furniture. But in my view this house is really unique and makes everyone keeps up staying here. There is modern fireplace in dark color. In this fireplace, we sit on grey bed sofa embellished with grey sofa cushions. My sister’s friend says that this house is designed by J3DSN. I think it is brilliant design which tends to be simple. Next to fireplace that is white table to place artistic painting, globe, and table lamp. Under this table, timber is stored neatly.

Warm Interior with Wooden Accent

This Warm Interior design is dominated with wooden accent here and there. Wooden floor without lacquering or other finishing looks so rustic. Beadboard and roof ridge are crafted of untreated wood. To equip bed sofa, the owner of this house provides coffee table in grey color. This coffee table functions to place table lamp and other ornaments. French window in white color arouses bright view over room. White pillows are set in front of window because window is extended in order to provide seat. In front of this fireplace, there is white square puff which feels so cushy.

Bright White Warm Interior

Living room in this house is polished in white color. Glass bay window over room is concealed by white drapes. These glass bay windows make this room brighter in white color. One side of beadboard is crafted of white brick wall. There is modern sofa in cream color. Dark floor is layered with brown fur rug. Wall bar in white color is embellished with artistic painting. I see unique husk armchair in brown color in front of sofa. Grasshopper floor lamp is set beside husk armchair.

In this wide living space, there is dining table made of wood. Box bookcase crafted of untreated wood is placed nearby window. This bookcase functions as sideboard where table lamps and other ornaments set on it. Wooden dining table is surrounded by wooden arm chairs. But in my view, most interesting icon applied in white warm interior design is white brick wall.

11 Photos of the Stunning Warm Interior Decorated in White Color Represents Rustic View